Folie à deux – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Folie à deux – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Im curious to know more about this phenomenon.  This has definately happened to me while using hallucinogens in the past.  One such experience was that while on LSD,  a friend and I spontaneously entered a shared hallucination, in which I was a little mexican boy and she was my grandmother.  We did not discuss this situation beforehand, we simply fell into our ‘roles’ immediately and without discussion.  we started having a conversation in spanish.  People who were with us confirmed that we were indeed speaking spanish to each other.  In normal waking life, neither of us knows any spanish.  two things were going on here – one is this concept of a shared hallucination, in which we were both taking part in the same hallucination without any prior knowledge or directive to do so, and secondly, we were tapping in to the collective unconscious to access a language we did not know.

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