Jan 18. In prot…

Jan 18. In protest against SOPA, the act which will in effect censor the internet, and in solidarity with such sites as Reddit who will be blacking out their site all day in protest, I urge you to join me in not using any internet on Jan 18 (or email only if you MUST for work, but no websites). Please pass this on to everyone you know. #SOPA #EFF #Privacy #J18 #Blackout

About voide

i am a : goth / punk / metalhead / hippie / anarchist / tribalist / wanderer / loner / empath / dreamer / idealist / nerd / dork / packrat / night owl / artist / weirdo / writer / survivor / discordian / gemini / farmer / scavenger / medicine woman / environmentalist / activist / explorer, and so on. i dare you to try and label me into any one category ;)
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