A quick reflection on the Nuclear Waste Meeting with DC Officials

Today I spent roughly 6 hours in the parish hall at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, where we had a meeting which had been in the works, through many other meetings, for the past 2 years.  3 people came from Washington D.C to hear our public comments regarding the creation of the nuclear waste transloading facility in our town, Antonito, CO.

It went extraordinarily well.  We had a large turn out, and nearly every one spoke – telling their stories, their lives, and how this is affecting each of them, as well as the community and the land.  We had loads of well-researched facts presented, and in comparison, the railroad and Energy Solutions looked ill prepared and apathetic, as they always do.

It appears that the DC team was moved by the community, but I hope when it comes down to the paperwork, they are able to help us, the little guy, stand up to the big guy.

i just think its so awesome that this little bumblefuck town, where the railroad and its partner company assumed they could easily just walk over us, because we were stupid hicks with no money to defend ourselves, and we have been giving them the most intense fight they have ever seen.

so many people here are well educated, intelligent, and genuinely care for the land and the community.  its amazing to watch and to be a part of.  we are changing history.  we are standing up for whats right and we are going to make changes in how the country is run, from our tiny little town.

I love my town, and the incredible Valley it rests in.

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i am a : goth / punk / metalhead / hippie / anarchist / tribalist / wanderer / loner / empath / dreamer / idealist / nerd / dork / packrat / night owl / artist / weirdo / writer / survivor / discordian / gemini / farmer / scavenger / medicine woman / environmentalist / activist / explorer, and so on. i dare you to try and label me into any one category ;)
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3 Responses to A quick reflection on the Nuclear Waste Meeting with DC Officials

  1. MaWhit says:

    That’s awesome! Hoping the big guys gets knocked down. 🙂


  2. MaWhit says:

    Typo on my first comment. Figures.

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