More groggy and sleepy after my morning class than i was before it. It’s a slow class where I don’t feel like I learn much of anything during class time and then am overwhelmed by information during homework. I’m not alone in this feeling.
I am also finding myself questioning certain issues that I have and feeling fearful to bring them up in our student counseling or preprac because they could be seen as unstable enough to dismiss me from the program. I feel like we are being constantly judged.

About voide

i am a : goth / punk / metalhead / hippie / anarchist / tribalist / wanderer / loner / empath / dreamer / idealist / nerd / dork / packrat / night owl / artist / weirdo / writer / survivor / discordian / gemini / farmer / scavenger / medicine woman / environmentalist / activist / explorer, and so on. i dare you to try and label me into any one category ;)
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