Life is Awesome

This past week has gone by really fast.  It was one of those weeks where for the most part it seems like I did nothing and cant remember much, yet the whole week felt busy nonstop. The only part I can remember is yesterday.

Oh, and Pazu and Roshi killed a bat.  I found it dead on my floor.  How it got in the house is beyond me, and how they were able to catch it is a mystery.

I went down to my class in Taos.  I was really hungry before class so I stopped at Wendys drive thru.  The woman at the window handed me my food and said “See you tomorrow!” .. HUH?

I didnt say anything, but I gave her a weird look and was really confused.  I mean I almost never eat fast food, much less Wendys, and never ever in Taos.  Did she recognize me from somewhere?  Eventually I realized it must be her little catchphrase (or one forced upon her by the higher ups).  It was just an odd comment tho and made me feel uncomfortable almost.


At some point during class Eric must have called me, because he left me a message from the house.  id dint get it until I was driving home at around 9:30pm. after talking to Dad.  But Eric went up for his first Search and Rescue mission last night, he left sometime around 3pm.  It was near Blanca, on Little Bear Mountain, some guy had fallen and broken his legs in a crevasse.. something like that, I still dont know all the details.  The Team went out looking for him and were able to get him out safely, but it took them the entire night.  They got back to the trailhead at did debriefing at 10am this morning.  I cant wait to hear the whole story, sounds incredibly hard yet exciting.  Im looking forward to joining the AVSAR team, even if Im not in good enough physical condition to be climbing up the mountains yet.


My class in Taos was interesting as usual.  After class I had dinner at Doc Martins.  I thought it would be more of a laid back kind of biker restaurant, but it was actually high class fancy, with excellent (and expensive) food.  I had the Chile Rellenos, which were OMG good, best Ive ever had.  I went back to the campus an hour later for a lecture called “Agua y Cultura.”  The speakers were Sylvia Rodriguez, Enrique Lamadrid, and Estevan Arellano.  The room was packed, I was suprised.  Outside the culinary school had made us fabulous refreshments, including chocolate covered strawberries.  The ingredients were high quality and it was the most fabulous treat Ive ever had.

Anyways, about the talk: Aquacias are the irrigation ditches around the southwest particularly, but also found in farming communities all over the world.  Democracy in the southwest was closely linked to these, since everyone needed water, and it made everyone equal.  They are slowly dying out as the once univerally equal shares are now being bought up in large chunks and pooled together on one area, while others are left with little or none, creating a large economic and political and environmental unbalance, and making water into a commodity, not a right.

A couple of notable quotes:

A spanish saying, regarding sharing mother earth, water, your crops.. “for us, for you, for all of gods little animals.”  I am going to start saying this (minus the god) everytime I eat, and throw a piece out to the earth.  Ive decided that for us means me, my family and friends, and extending to the entire human race, :”for you” meaning the earth, the universe, the sky, the spirits, and “for all the little animals” meaning all the beings in the universe, all forms of life.

“How sad it is that we have the power to change, come together, grow, transform, and yet we do not.”


Oooh.  Am smoking a celebratory bowl for on a whim spending a few hours and writing up a half-fictional memoir to enter into a writing contest at the Westport Arts Center.  Mom said she would pay the $20 entry fee, and I could use her address since you have to be a CT resident (HA! Irony strikes again! I Just became a colorado resident 2 weeks ago.)

Anyways, got an idea.  Would like to start an arts center here.  The Chamisa (rabbitbrush in english, a common plant here with alot of history and the sister of Chomiso, or Sage) it could be called.  I know there is another one in the valley, the ruth marie or something, but i think its either near crestone or del norte.  It would be nice to have one here, between Taos and the northern valley.  I guess I was mostly inspired by the Westport Arts Center’s mission statement: 

The Westport Arts Center is dedicated to creating arts experiences that contribute to individual growth and enrich the community. We believe that encouraging the arts is essential to the renewal and the well-being of society. Accordingly, the Westport Arts Center believes it must:

  • Present the highest quality performances, exhibitions and programs.
  • Enhance the understanding of the arts through lectures, demonstrations and classes that contribute to cultural awareness.
  • Advocate for arts education to maintain a vital cultural life.
  • Help sustain local artists through exhibition opportunities, events and our website registry.
  • Develop knowledgeable and supportive audiences so that artists in all disciplines will be inspired to create at their highest level
To add to that, I would try to involve and inspire the community to create and enjoy various art forms.  IT was already kind of said in theirs, but.. I dunno, sounded to uptight and hoity.  Id focus mostly on local tradtional arts, like having natural dying classes, mural painting, adobe sculpture, native american and spanish dances and music… etc. 
Ahh yet another dream to add to the list. 🙂 Life is awesome

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i am a : goth / punk / metalhead / hippie / anarchist / tribalist / wanderer / loner / empath / dreamer / idealist / nerd / dork / packrat / night owl / artist / weirdo / writer / survivor / discordian / gemini / farmer / scavenger / medicine woman / environmentalist / activist / explorer, and so on. i dare you to try and label me into any one category ;)
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