Taos Class and Hitchikers

Went for my first class in Plants and Sustainability of the Southwest in Taos today.  When I went to get my ID I noticed a metalhead guy, smiling shyly, kept looking at me.  I talked to him a little bit and he seemed very nervous.  He wasnt very attractive but what the hell.. neither am i in my current state lol.  His name is Ben and he asked for my phone number and I gave it to him.  Now that I think about it, he mildly reminds me of the Ben I adored at French woods.  Except he still has braces.


Class was excellent! Not only are we going over botany, but we talked alot about traditional uses of plants.  it was very informal and freeflowing and i know this is right up my alley.  The teacher is great.  Theres a guy in class I like, named Orlando.  He wants to join the forest service and is obviously very knowledgeable about the area and grew up using the local plants.  He always carries a sprig of Osha in his pocket for protection.  Hes very intelligent and interested in the same things I am, and very cute.  But .. he did get his finger shot off.  I mentioned to the teacher after class that I would be interested in internship oppurtunities, and she was very excited, and wanted to make me HER intern!!!!!!

that would be awesome! She has so much knowledge, both as a scientist and medicine woman.  And one my classmates, an older woman, used to teach contemplative psych at Naropa.  And also after class, another older woman stayed back to talk to the teacher.. She was feeling really overwhelmed and shes more of an artist than a scientist.  I think both me talking to her and the teacher reassuring her helped her alot. 

On my way home, I drove past what looked like an old hippy man and a younger hippy woman on the side of the road with a cardboard sign for Colorado.  I drove past them, but 3 miles or so later decided to turn around and pick them up.  They were both missing nearly all of their teeth and were scraggly.  My first thought was “fuck.. methheads”

but turns out they were just white trashish truckers, who lost their job and got stranded in new mexico.  the woman was very chatty, and seemed to have every problem under the sun – even claimed she was dying.  She also claimed to be a medicine woman and every now and again would burst into jibberish.  When I asked what language she was speaking, she said it was a mix of 12 different native american languages.  I didnt really believe her.  As we were driving up, we past the most incredible rainbow ive ever seen.. well.. there was your standard rainbow, but very bright and almost vertical.  Right beside it was what looked like another rainbow except it was glowing orange-white.  It was the rain coming down, the sunset reflecting off of it.  Incredible.  To the west, the sunset was blood red, spurting out from behind the mountains.  Incredible.  We all were talking about how amazing it was and the woman went off with more jibberish.  She then out of the blue asked “Why did you stop writing? You used to write poetry, why did you stop?”  I shrugged and tried to think of an answer, a little taken aback by her knowing this all of a sudden.  Then she started saying that I love cats.  She said I had two male cats and one was particularly beautiful (Pazu).  She also mentioned another lighter-colored cat hanging around.. which Im assuming is maya.. but she called her somethin weird like, Miss Goldy. Lol.  I think that one was a fluke.  Then she said I was going to be in administration or health care… I said neither and laughed and told her what I was interested in.  She said she had thought health care because she could tell I was full of light and caring for people.  She said I was very sincere and had so much to offer the world and to not let the darkness take me in when I am so full of light.  She gave me a name – Many Smiles of the Sun. 

It was interesting and I enjoyed talking to them.  But their strange situation and trashiness creeped me out a bit, and the man kept insinuating he wanted more from me, which bothered me.  He bummed two smokes and then kept saying how they needed food and a place to sleep.  I just wasnt feeling that.  I dropped them off at Hometown market, and gave them my corn nuts.  The woman hugged me and I was on my way home.  I was relieved to leave them, although Im glad I could help them out. 


About voide

i am a : goth / punk / metalhead / hippie / anarchist / tribalist / wanderer / loner / empath / dreamer / idealist / nerd / dork / packrat / night owl / artist / weirdo / writer / survivor / discordian / gemini / farmer / scavenger / medicine woman / environmentalist / activist / explorer, and so on. i dare you to try and label me into any one category ;)
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